Designer Bedding Inspired by Art, MET X Ann Gish

Live with works of art from the comfort of your home. Here’s our favorite art inspired bedding designed to add color, texture, and interest to any room in your home.

The Met X Ann Gish collection is a designer bedding collection inspired by art. These creations draw from Egyptian Art, Ancient Far East, and even from the Costume Institute. These intricate pieces will inspire you to make an update in no time at all. You might even want to spice up your home with a vibrant embroidered duvet inspired by Mosaic Medieval Art!

“From ancient objects to contemporary works, The Met x Ann Gish collection offers modern design inspiration drawing on five thousand years of human creative expression. Experience the magic of The Met in the comfort of your home with luxury linens designed by Ann Gish.”

Ann Gish

The Tesserae Collection – Designer Bedding Inspired by Medieval Mosaic Tesserae ByzantineGlass

Mosaic Tesserae ByzantineGlass,

6th–15th century

Gift of Augusto Agarri

Gold and Silver Leaf

Egyptian Collar Collection Inspired by an actual Egyptian Collar Called “Broad Collar of Wah”

The design of an elaborately beaded collar from the Tomb of Wah is reinterpreted as a serpentine motif for the Met x Ann Gish collaboration.  This beautiful designer bedding will brighten up any bedroom or add a pop of color and texture to your living room.

Designer bedding by Ann Gish

A beautiful and bright living room designed by Local Denver Interior Designer, Kristina Sterling, owner of Seek Interior Design. We love the addition of pattern and texture the Egyptian Collar decorative pillow brings to the room.

Kristina’s designs mix transitional pieces, and hip color schemes, with classic elements and fabrics to create a timeless feel. 

The Iznik Collection Inspired by Islamic Art, Bowl with Variation of ‘Baba Nakkas’

Inspired by Egyptian and Iranian tiles, Inzik’s elegant floral motif in a classic white and indigo color palette translates beautifully to textile for the Met x Ann Gish collaboration. Perfect for art lovers who have an appreciation for craftmanship and design. Easy to style in any room!

The Kinrande Collection Inspired by Asian Art, Bowl with Stylized LeavesChinese, Ming dynasty

Kinrande is inspired by a Ming-era cobalt blue and gold pot in the Met’s collection. The gold and bronze motif is embroidered onto a marine blue linen/cotton ground.

Sashiko Bedding Collection by Ann Gish X MET, Inspired by Sashiko Japanese Kimono.

Designer Bedding by Ann Gish

Inspired by a Meiji-era Kimono, our Sashiko duvet set distills the motifs of the kimono into a 100% cotton jacquard and is garment washed for softness. This stunning design closely reinterprets the above overstitched kimono in black and white creating the diamond pattern. Also available in Sand.

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