Floral Bedding For Spring | 3 Ways To Use Florals In Your Home

Spring is in full swing, and there’s no better way to bring the outdoors in than through the use of florals. This season, it’s all about injecting some natural inspiration, pops of bright color and cheerful patterns into your home decor. From statement accents to floral bedding, we’ve got you covered with our top three ways to add florals to your home this spring.


Of course, we’ll start with our favorite topic…Bedding!

Designers Guild | Thelma’s Garden Fuchsia Bedding

There’s no easier way to add florals to your bedroom than with floral bedding. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant or something a little more subtle, there’s a floral pattern for everyone. Bedding made with high-quality materials will last you for years to come and add that touch of luxury to your sleep space. Some of our favorite floral bedding creators are Christian Fischbacher, Designers Guild, Schlossberg Switzerland, and Yves Delorme. Each collection offers unique and stunning floral designs that will make your bedroom feel like a spring oasis.






Our 2nd favorite way to add florals to your home: Accessories!

Christian Lacroix Decorative Pillows

Accessories are a fun and easy way to incorporate florals into your home without having to make a major change. With pieces like floral print throw pillows or a vase filled with fresh blooms, you can easily add a touch of spring to any room. Consider adding floral lampshades, wall art or a pretty area rug to bring life to any space.

This is a great option for those who prefer a more subtle approach, as you can choose how much or little you want to incorporate into your space. A few well-placed floral accents can add just the right touch of warmth and charm to any room in your home.





And last but not least, the classic vase of flowers.

The easiest and most timeless way to add florals to your home is with fresh flowers. Place a vase filled with your favorite blooms on your kitchen counter, coffee table or nightstand to instantly brighten up your space. Bonus points if you go all out and create a floral arrangement that complements your home’s color scheme and decor.

In addition to adding color with the flowers, try placing them into a colorful vase! We love the Fran vase by Made Goods. The emerald-green glass vase has a subtle, geometric pattern and has a noticeable presence without creating a distraction.





A few of our floral bedding designers available to order at The Brass Bed.


Designers Guild | Aubriet Fuchsia Collection

Continuing on from our first point on bedding, we’ve gathered our top floral bedding collections that would be perfect for adding that seasonal touch to your home. Christian Fischbacher’s floral bedding features delicate patterns that complement any bedroom, while Designers Guild offers a vibrant collection of flowered pieces. If you want to make a  statement, Schlossberg Switzerland’s collection is a great way to add bold, bright floral patterns. Lastly, Yves Delorme’s bedding collection offers an elevated aesthetic, with luxurious materials and sophisticated color palettes.

(All floral collections available to order at our Denver and Boulder stores, contact info below.)






Christian Fischbacher | Antoinette Satin Collections

As we wrap up this year’s first official season of spring, we hope you’ve found our top 3 ways to add florals to your home inspiring. From bedding to accessories and fresh flowers, there’s a perfect solution for every budget and decor style. Whether you take inspiration from our recommendations or unleash your creativity, we’re sure that adding some floral touches to your home will make it feel like an instant oasis of calm, beauty, and freshness. Happy decorating!



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