Interior Design Ideas: The Color Green

Colors play a big role in interior design. As part of our ongoing Interior Design Ideas about color, springtime seems the natural time to talk about using the color green in your design scheme. From aquamarine and apple green to forest and moss greens, we hope you find the following tips helpful:

The color green has healing power and is understood to be the most restful and relaxing color for the human eye to view, so it a great choice for bedding sets.

Maybe because green is the dominant color in the natural environment, mixing and matching a variety of green textures and prints works well. Try mixing a green-striped duvet cover with a floral set of sheets that includes a lot of green in its design.

The sun shining through green-colored window treatments creates the effect of sun streaming through the trees. Whether used for curtains, artwork or duvet covers and sheets, green is a great accent color.

Bedrooms with a white or neutral palette can be accented with greens to achieve different effects, from relaxation and calmness to playful energy.

Because everyone is used to seeing green as part of their overall environment, it is often a go-to color for interior designers when trying to ease a client into using a color in their design scheme.

Greens pair well with other colors found in the environment such as blues and browns. As one designer put it, “When in doubt, stick with nature―bad color pairings don’t happen there.” Or, be fresh and playful and pair lime green with white for a child’s room or with pink for a nursery.

DESIGN TIP:  Change out your bedding set for Spring by adding in a green-striped duvet cover and shams and some “cool to the touch” light blue percale sheets.

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