Sheets Made From Wood That Feel Like Silk Bedding?

That’s right, or at least mostly right. Wood-pulp sheets are actually made from cellulose fibers that come from certain hardwood trees. In the case of Italian-made wood pulp sheets, the majority are manufactured from beech wood trees – a completely sustainable source. This is because these trees multiply via “rejuvenation.” 

Whether wood pulp sheet technology was inspired by a desire to create a silk-like feel with the care properties of durable Egyptian cotton, or because of environmental considerations, the result is a product that is silky smooth, lustrous, and completely habit-forming! Leading the way is SDH with their Legna® wood-pulp sheet collection. Deeply saturated with their notable color palette, Legna® sheets have a shimmering drape that with proper care will last many years – making them a customer favorite! 

For decades, The Brass Bed has brought the full line of all SDH to our customers, including:

SDH Signature® – All-natural line that is brushed with richly hued color solely from combining colored and natural shade jacquards. All yarns and fibers are dyed using a low-impact, fiber reactive dyeing method.

The Purists® – All-natural line housing their 100% organic linens. This line is perfect for those with allergies and those who seek physical and mental relaxation because there are no harmful chemicals, bleaches, dyes, finishes or formaldehyde within any of these linens. 

Legna® – Provides the smooth and supple feel of silk bedding combined with the easy care of cotton. This line is for those who want easy care luxury and sustainable bedding. The wood pulp used to create this textile is completely biodegradable.

Leitner® – A broad collection of exceptionally durable and colorful Belgian linen offerings. This line is perfect for those who sleep warmer because linen is one of the most breathable fibers in the world. *Check out our “For the Love of Linen Sheets” blog post for more on linen sheeting.

Let our knowledgeable and design savvy staff help you decide whether Legna® wood-pulp, Egyptian cotton, linen, or even silk sheets are the best natural option for you. 

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