Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom and Bed Sets

There’s nothing like spring cleaning when the skies turn blue and the temperatures rise into the 60’s and 70’s. Bedrooms, Bed Sets and Comforter Sets are a great place to start. Even cleaning out closets and cupboards doesn’t seem so bad with all the doors and windows open to the fresh air. 

First, evaluate your linen closet to determine what you need to set up your bedding set for Spring and Summer. Warmer weather calls for percale Egyptian cotton sheets, or even linen sheets, and it is always good to have three sheet sets to allow the natural fibers to rest between use. Next comes the duvet cover and Euro shams. Because these pieces often set the design stage for a bedroom, it is nice to change up your look with the seasons. Whether your taste is for lots of color or you lean towards all-white bedding sets, light, bright and simple are all good summer looks.

Spring cleaning is also a good time to wash your comforter sets and down pillows. A delicate, natural detergent is the right way to go, along with thorough, low-heat drying. Store your winter comforter set and get a summer weight duvet for the warm weather that is around the corner. 

Spring Cleaning Design Tip: Change up your duvet covers seasonally and add linen sheet sets to your linen closet for summer. They are the softest and lightest of all!

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