The Perfect Bed: Step 1 is The Foundation

All well-built structures start with a reliable foundation. Fortunately, in the bedding and home décor world, this necessity can be a beautifully made bed.

Three elements make up a solid foundation for your bed: the bed frame; a headboard; and a footboard.

The bed frame is probably the most important of the three pieces because it provides stability for the mattress. In the design of the bed, the height of the frame is an important consideration. Most bed frames are 8-12″ off the floor.

Headboards are decorative pieces that help set the stage for your bedroom’s design. Most often, the headboard attaches to the bed frame at the “head” of the bed and comes in all shapes and sizes. Styles range from contemporary to traditional, rustic to refined, and the list goes on an on. Whether you want an upholstered, transitional look, a classic iron bed, or an elegantly crafted wood piece of furniture, anything is possible to achieve your look.

The footboard, also decorative, attaches to the “foot” of the bed. Not all beds have to have a footboard. As with the headboard, adding one depends on the “look” that you want for your bedroom and the way you choose to dress your bed.

Keep the design and color of the headboard classic and neutral. This will give you greater flexibility when selecting bedding patterns, colors and even textures. It is easier to freshen the look of your bedding than it is to get different furniture.

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