Interior Designer Spotlight Featuring Cecilia Tanoni Interiors


We’re thrilled to announce this month’s Interior Designer Spotlight featuring Cecilia Tanoni Interiors, a full-service design firm based in Denver, CO.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with this talented designer over the years, and we couldn’t be more impressed with her unique style and aesthetic. Cecilia has a special way of creating rooms that testify to her client’s lifestyle while also creating timeless, functional, and beautiful homes.

We hope our interview with Cecilia will inspire you and offer more insight into the life of a talented Denver Interior Designer.



You have a unique background in literature and the arts….How did you get started with Interior Design? 

I had always had an interest in Architecture, since my teenage years when my parents hired an architect to design our new home, I was fascinated with the process. I loved tagging along on site visits and seeing the progress of the construction and how the plans, sections and construction details materialized in real life. I really enjoyed thinking about space planning options and loved looking at floor plans but for some reason I never really considered it as a professional path at that point and went on to university to pursue a degree in English Language and Literature. I met my husband right before graduating when he was finishing his degree in Architecture. We got married a year later and moved to the US to go to grad school. Living with an architect brought me even closer to my interest in art and design, we travelled as much as we could to visit museums and buildings, and I started taking any classes I could while on the east coast: History of Architecture (a huge favorite!), drafting, introduction to interior design etc. Finally, when we moved to Colorado, I decided to go back to school full time and get a degree in Interior Design.

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 How do you describe your design and style? 

At our studio, we truly work with our clients’ personal sensibilities. We do not bring a ‘style’ and apply it to every project. We work with the home’s existing architectural style and collaborate with our clients curating a language that speaks to them directly based on their lifestyles. It is ‘their’ home and our ultimate goal is to create spaces that are personal, comfortable, functional and beautiful. We want them to feel sheltered and identify with what surrounds them.

Our design is intentional, and timelessness is a basic quality we pursue in every project.

We have the privilege of working with clients who keep coming back to us every time they purchase a new home so after years of working together on different projects, we get to know them well and we feel we can truly personalize their spaces.

Personally, I love spaces that tell a story, rooms that are a testimony to somebody’s life, their personal history. If you had to define it in a word, I would say eclectic.

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What areas do you service? 

 Most of our clients live in Denver’s Polo club, Bonnie Brae, Cherry Creek, Wash Park, Country Club, Cherry Hills, the foothills …. we have also completed projects in Vail.

We have now been working with a group of clients who hired us again and again for many years. We love that! It is wonderful to build long lasting client relationships and it is so beautiful to see the changes in their lives throughout the years. One of our projects right now is the fifth home for clients we worked with for the first time back in 2014!

Do you have a favorite room you get excited about when you’re working on a home?  Why or why not?

I really love when we have the opportunity to work on a whole house. It gives us the chance to create cohesive interior spaces that feel warm and, again, that tell a story but sometimes our clients just need a few rooms and that’s great too. I have to say that I am partial to more functional spaces, rooms that serve an important daily purpose like kitchens and bathrooms. A good kitchen or bathroom remodel really makes an impact on people’s daily routines and that makes me happy! I want our work to make a difference in people’s lives. It sounds a little self-indulgent or too ambitious for an interior designer but the reality is, living in a harmonious, beautiful, and functional environment affects how people face their daily lives and we want to be part of that.


You have a beautiful, timeless aesthetic. Can you tell us more about creating spaces that honor your client’s personal wishes and lifestyle while still honoring your design style? 

 We listen, we educate, we collaborate. It is very important to truly listen to the client, after all it is their home, we are working on. But we also educate them. There is meaning behind all the decisions we make when working on a project and it is important that our clients understand them and partake in those decisions. Many times, our clients rely on our experience and knowledge 100% and let us make all the decisions for them and that is a huge responsibility that we do not take lightly.

I believe that the success of a project relies on a true collaboration with our clients.

We always value our clients’ opinions but do not shy away from offering new and exciting directions to meet their objectives. Maybe that’s why our clients keep hiring us?  I am not sure…

 In addition to interior design, you also offer kitchen/bathroom remodels and custom cabinetry. You must work alongside some amazing craftsmen and artisans. Can you tell us more about that? 

 It has been my goal from the very beginning to build strong and trusting relationships with local craftspeople and talented artisans near and far. We are at a point in our studio’s history when we can truly say we have an amazing team of collaborators. We have created a family of trusted talent, people who not only do beautiful work but also listen to us and respect our work. I always tell them: ‘the ultimate goal is always the same: deliver a top-quality product in a seamless manner and make our clients happy”. And we all work towards that same goal as a team.


For new clients, how do you describe your process of working together? 

After a brief phone conversation, if we both (potential client and us) think we are a good fit for their project, we schedule a first meeting on site to meet the clients in person and to discuss in detail the scope of work. Our process is to understand our clients’ individual aesthetic, their needs and requirements. We assess their goals and their budget and then we craft a concept that is right for them. Our studio then implements and manages all phases of the project.

 We offer the whole spectrum of interior design services for new homes and for remodels. Our studio handles large and small projects and many times we also team up with architects and collaborate throughout the entire process. We are also starting to put together a ‘designer for a day’ type of service for clients who need a thorough consultation on a room, for example a Powder Room remodel. We think that option will allow people to work with an interior designer on smaller projects with a commitment of only a few hours.

 We pride ourselves on our ability to execute and deliver complete homes from concept to final furniture and furnishings installation.

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To work with Cecilia Tanoni Interiors, please contact her here.