Under the Spell of Celso de Lemos

Celso de Lemos introduced his eponymously named sheet and bedding collection in 2017 after exhaustive research and development. Mr. de Lemos is also the mastermind behind the famously rich colors and inspirational designs of Abyss & Habidecor towels and rugs. Celso seeks perfection in all things that he undertakes so it is no wonder that his factories are designed to do everything under one roof from spinning the Giza cotton, to weaving it into fabric, then dying, printing and finishing each sheet, towel, pillow case, coverlet and throw. Several of our staff have had the supreme opportunity of visiting his factories in Portugal, as well as his home and his winery nearby. In fact, owners of The Brass Bed, Molly Myers and Olivia Louis, are there now. Those of you who follow us on social media have no doubt been enjoying images of everything from the artistry of the weaving machines in motion to the fall wine crush. 

Portugal has a proud history of exploration and, in fact, Celso’s ancestors were among those early explorers. He pays homage to them by using his family crest of the four moons as his company’s logo. Fiercely proud of his heritage and devoted to his country, he brings out the best in everyone that works for him and everything that they do. All who meet him are touched by his energy and his devotion to making only the best, with only the best. Many of you have experienced Abyss & Habidecor towels and rugs for yourself, so you are familiar with their high quality.

We have found the Celso de Lemos sheet and bedding collection to be exceptional as well. The fashion-forward designs are informed by global experiences and inspiration from around the world. The colors and textures are reminiscent of the Abyss & Habidecor towel and rug collection, and bedding elements range from only made with Giza cotton sheets and pillowcases to Mongolian cashmere throws and blankets, beautifully woven coverlets and exquisite designs using unexpected color combinations and imaginative patterns. Bed designs created with this collection are original, fresh and sleep like a dream. Explore this amazing Portuguese line by clicking on the button below.



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