Designer Spotlight – Ramey Caulkins, Founder & Designer of Griffin Design Inc.

Introducing The Brass Bed’s Designer Spotlight Series

We’re so thrilled to start our Designer Spotlight series featuring Denver’s dashing interior designers. We have the pleasure of working with amazing local talent and, naturally, we want to show them off!

No matter what style you’re looking for, you can find a designer to match. From local city vibes to historical Denver homes updated with modern touches to beautiful mountain scenery… you’ll find it right here in the mile-high city. 

Griffin Design Inc.

This month, we’re featuring Ramey Caulkins, owner and designer of Griffin Design Inc. Over the years, we’ve been able to work with Ramey on several projects allowing us to witness her professionalism, high-level taste, and years of experience in the industry.

Highline Haven Project by Ramey Caulkins

Designer Spotlight | About Ramey Caulkins

A Bit of Grit and Grace

Interior Designer Ramey Caulkins

Ramey is no stranger to rolling up her sleeves and getting to work! Since she began her career in 1996, she’s always had an interest in how things are made. Before she opened her business, she immersed herself in the world of craftsmanship, architecture, materials, and surfaces. She opened her design studio in 2003 to focus on interior design, tile, stone, and decorative surfaces.

You can find Ramey’s stunning interior designs in Colorado, Montana, New England, and Florida. Make sure to keep reading to the end so you can learn more about her design aesthetic and how to contact her for future projects you may have for your home. 

“….what excites me the most about my job is the process. I love meeting with clients, visiting job sites, sourcing the perfect pieces, overseeing complex installations, and hearing from satisfied clients, or better yet, hearing from their happy houseguests! ” – Ramey Caulkins

Ramey’s Specialty

High-end Residential Interior Design

Aspen Mountain Retreat


Ramey’s specialty is working on high-end residential interior design for primary residences, secondary vacation homes, new construction, and remodels. We encourage you to browse her portfolio to view a few unique and eclectic projects that capture her range of skill and talent. 

We love the “Aspen Mountain Retreat” portfolio, a perfect example of her ability to work with beautiful residential homes, carefully selecting the perfect essentials and accents to compliment the style, architecture, and design of the home. 


Aspen Mountain Retreat



To get the job done, she surrounds herself with a team of people with years of expertise, including 20 years of experience herself.

“We believe that you’re only as good as the people around you, and a good design project is made great when everyone involved is working together as a team to help execute the vision.” – Ramey Caulkins


Design & Style

Always Personalized for Her Clients


Denver Spanish Colonial Project by Ramey Caulkins

From original to bespoke, Ramey makes sure each item in the home is personalized for her clients. To be able to give her clients a room that reflects who they are, she mixes eclectic with authentic to design to create a unique layered look that works together to compliment her client’s personality.

“We understand the fundamentals that make up a well-designed home, we also know that they start with solid building  blocks.” – Ramey Caulkins





Work With Ramey

If you have an upcoming project and you would like to work with Ramey, you can reach out to her directly. 

Work with Ramey in Denver, Maine, and Florida


Phone: 303-475-5048


The Denver Bungalow Project