Graccioza: The world’s highest quality bath towels

Graccioza has over 40 years of experience creating the world’s highest quality bath towels. Their linens are woven in Porto, Portugal, known for its exceptional mills and recognized worldwide as one of the best and largest textile exporters in Europe.
They have pioneered their premium products to align with the sensibilities of today’s contemporary lifestyles by creating a specialized design with extraordinary comfort and durability. Unique to this particular brand of towel is the long fiber, double-loop terry weave made from 100% Egyptian cotton and the 42 vibrant colors that it comes in. Whether your taste is for neutrals or runs more to the bright side, we are confident you will find the perfect tone for your home and that with proper care they will last a long time.
THE BRASS BED, fine linens & furnishings has partnered with Graccioza for many years and these towels quickly became top sellers. Our customers love all the fun colors and how absorbent these towels are. And, we aren’t the only people who love them; see what “O, The Oprah Magazine,” says:
“Here’s the thing about good towels: they get better with every wash. This brightly colored line by Graccioza, made of Egyptian cotton, starts out softer than most, with extra-long fibers to create a truly silk-tastic feel.”
We invite you to step into luxury and try these plush and sumptuous towels. Available on our website,, or in either of our two showrooms.