Interior Design Ideas: The Color Pink

As we all know, pink is one of the main colors associated with Valentine’s Day.  The reasoning behind this is because of its associations with compassion, nurturing and love. From bold jewel-toned magentas and shocking pinks to soft, subtle pinks and fun corals, all are positive colors inspiring warm and comforting feelings. Below are some interior design ideas about how to use pink when decorating:

• A blend of red and white, pink combines both the need for action that the color red represents and the potential for success and insight that the color white expresses. Pink tones down the physical passion of red and replaces it with a gentle loving energy.

• The deeper the pink, the more passion and energy it exhibits, and the more dramatic its effect is in your interior design.

• The color pink represents a sign of hope and helps you feel that everything will be okay. It also signifies good health, as in the expression “in the pink.”

• Pink can liven up a lackluster space exhibiting a zest for life.

• Pairing gold or silver metallic accents with pink adds an air of sophistication and elegance.

• Even one pink accessory can break up a monotone room.

• If you love pink but prefer a more restrained approach to the color, use stripes of white and pink in equal measure.

• Use pink in a room used for entertaining, such as the dining room. Many pink hues make people look good, which gives everyone a good feeling.

• Pink can be thought of as a neutral and works well with many colors including taupe, black, purple, brown, greens and blues.


DESIGN TIP:  Buy some pink sheets to soothe and comfort you and enhance the feelings of intimacy in your bedroom and add a pretty velvet pink pillow in a deep magenta for a pop of “passionate” color.

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