Insomnia Keeping You Up At Night?

Don’t let the vision of sugar-plum fairies dancing or santa riding his sleigh give you insomnia. Getting a good night’s sleep right before Christmas isn’t always easy, which is why we’d like to provide some tips to help you get the sleep you need:
We need sleep to survive. It is just as important as food, water and oxygen. Our rule of thumb to achieve a truly restful night’s sleep is to get between seven and nine hours of sleep. These quick tips will help you avoid insomnia and any sleep disorders.

• Our most important TIP is to create the most comfortable nest possible. One that suits your sleeping style (i.e. the right mattress, sleeping pillows, sheeting, etc. Check out our blog post “How To Pick The Perfect Pillow”).
• Determine a sleep schedule and stick to it. 
• Practice a relaxing bedtime ritual (i.e. a nice bubble bath, a cup of your favorite tea).
• Get exercise on a daily basis. It’s true when they say, “30 minutes a day keeps the doctors away!”
• Evaluate your bedroom to ensure that you have your ideal temperature, sound, and light.
• Try your best to avoid sleep stealers, such as alcohol and caffeine
• Turn off ALL electronics before bed.

Our expert team at The Brass Bed can help you find everything you need to enhance your sleep, from organic mattresses to high-quality 100% white goose down pillows and comforters to comfortable and soothing Egyptian cotton, linen or silk sheets. Slipping into a cozy bed will have never felt so good! Now, hurry in, as we all know Santa needs a great night’s sleep.

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