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May 21, 2019

Erin Iba Brings On Summer At Defining Design Event

Can't wait for summer after last night's snow storm? Crazy, right? Given snow in May, it was exactly visions of summer, and the beach, that inspired Erin Iba, of Iba Design Associates, when she designed one of the six beds featured at our 4th Annual Defining Design event on May 9th. Specifically, she had thoughts of The Hamptons when she chose Libeco's Shelter Island linen duvet cover and Euro shams, and paired it with an Ann Gish indigo-colored wild silk coverlet and standard shams. Erin and company then topped the bed design off with John Robshaw and Coral & Tusk decorative pillows, two of our favorite designers. For sheeting, she chose a Dea linen top sheet (perfect for summer), and for the fitted sheet, a new pattern from Matouk, Georgia, in a crisp cotton. All looks just perfect on the Made Goods' sea grass bed frame. Certainly a creation fit for the most languid of summer nights.

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May 17, 2019

This Duet Design Plays To Romance & Modern Styling

Miranda Cullen and Devon Tobin, of Duet Design Group, were one of six design teams featured at our 4th Annual Defining Design event on May 9th. Their inspiration came first from the shimmering velvet-like "Crazy Monet" shams from Fino Lino Linen & Lace and the "Newtopia" duvet cover, a bed linen designed and printed by the geniuses at Christian Fischbacher. The two elements together suggest dreamy summers in the garden, but with a twist. "Newtopia" is especially interesting in the way it frames kaleidoscopic views of skies and botanical gardens, then solders various panes together with a "copper-foil" border, much like Tiffany glass.



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May 15, 2019

Lanthia Hogg's Bed Design For Defining Design Combines Urban and Mountain Style

Lanthia Hogg, of Lanthia Hogg Design, was one of six designers featured at our 4th Annual Defining Design event on May 9th. Rooted in Aspen Valley, with new headquarters in Denver, the design for her bed brilliantly displayed the combination of urban living and mountain chic that she so admires. The elements of the design showed the very best of Leitner linen, which she used for her duvet cover and matching shams, as well as the chunky Euros that provided just the right texture against the Eastern Accents bed frame. For sheeting, she chose Celso de Lemos's luxurious Bourdon style sheets in caramel, which were the perfect color and style for this creation, but are also exquisite sheets to sleep in.  

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May 13, 2019

Alvarez Morris Designs the Perfect 1970's Bedroom for the 2010's

Carolyn Morris, of Alvarez Morris Architectural Studio, was one of six designers featured at this year's Defining Design event - the 4th Annual - on May 9th.  The inspiration for her design came from Celso de Lemos's "Tea" matelassé duvet cover, a subtle and sculptural play on words in a bold Persian blue, black and white pattern. She took the design to the extreme in both her play on color and context. The sheeting and shams, also from Celso, perfectly match the duvet cover and Euros. The coverlet, made by Alicia Adams Alpaca, in a rich cobalt blue alpaca wool topped the bed design off on the mid-century modern Wesley Allen bed. Appointed with time-period appropriate mushroom lamps, Kindel Knowledge Collection bedside tables and art and design books, her vision was portrayed to a "T".

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May 7, 2019

Alvarez Morris Goes In An Architectural Direction At Defining Design

The 4th Annual Defining Design event will take place on Thursday, May 9, from 5 - 8 pm. Carolyn Morris, of Alvarez Morris Architectural Studio, is one of the six designers to be featured this year. The combined experience of Carlos Alvarez and Carolyn Morris takes the whole project into account, from master planning, exterior siting, landscape, building and interior architecture, interior decoration and furnishings. 

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May 6, 2019

TRH Design Brings Their Happy Style to Defining Design

The 4th Annual Defining Design event will take place on Thursday, May 9, from 5 - 8 pm. Kristän Maynard, of TRH Design in Boulder, is one of the six designers to be featured this year. TRH specializes in residential, hospitality, resort condominiums, timeshares and hotels. Besides individual home owners, her clients include developers and their sales and marketing teams.

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May 2, 2019

Erin Iba Plays With Color, Texture and Style At Defining Design

The 4th Annual Defining Design event will take place on Thursday, May 9, from 5 - 8 pm. Erin Iba, of Iba Design Associates, is one of the six designers to be featured this year. With offices in New York City and Colorado, Iba Design Associates, was founded in 2008 and has grown into a multi-dimensional studio focusing on select residential and hospitality projects across the country and abroad. 

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May 1, 2019

Defining Design Benefits CU Johnson Depression Center

The Brass Bed will host its 4th Annual Defining Design event on May 9, from 5 - 8 pm. Defining Design is a celebration of the designers whom we have the privilege of working with and offers an opportunity to showcase their vision of bedroom design for our customers to see. It is the ultimate "meet and greet," bringing together designers, clients and customers, luxury textiles and our knowledgeable staff. During the event, customers are able to purchase anything we offer for a rare 20% discount. In turn, each year we partner with a local non-profit and donate a portion of the evening's proceeds to that organization. This year, we are partnering with the University of Colorado Helen & Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center as the beneficiary of the event. The Johnson Depression Center board chair, Heather Mulvihill, will be on hand during the evening, and will speak about the Center's mission and work in the community.
Founded 10 years ago by George Wiegers,  The CU Johnson Depression Center, strives to improve the  lives of individuals and families with depression and other mood disorders, such as bipolar and anxiety disorders, through excellent clinical care, research and community educational programs. The clinic is different because they use a highly personalized team-based approach that includes psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and counselors who work together to provide excellent evidence-based care. The Center's innovative team-based and integrated care model are revolutionizing the mental and behavioral health landscape. For example, there are providers on staff who work in other practices such as AF Williams family medicine and Children's Hospital to provide coordinated care with the CU Johnson Depression Center. Additionally, the Johnson Depression Center serves posts-9/11 veterans and military families through a new, separate stand-alone clinic called the Steven A. Cohen Military Family clinic. Through team-based care and collaborative partnerships, the Johnson Depression Center has the opportunity to expand mental health care access for more people in our community. 
Mental Health Care is in crisis right now; there is simply not enough care to meet demand. The public healthcare system is not great but if you are a typical working person with health insurance, it is very difficult to find quality mental health care. Many, if not most mental health care facilities do not take insurance because the reimbursements are so low. And, many patients do not qualify for subsidized care. Additionally, there is a serious shortage of mental healthcare providers so building capacity has to be addressed.
To that end, the Johnson Depression Center is also using a telehealth platform where providers are able to deliver care to patients throughout the Rocky Mountain region, in rural clinics and in their homes through a Skype-like technology. Providers are able to “meet with” patients in rural communities where there are no psychiatrists and consult with attending physicians about appropriate treatments. 
The Johnson Depression Center also participates in important research into best practices for treating mood disorders. For example, the Center recently launched a Family-Focused Therapy for Bipolar Disorder, which is a new program that offers community providers free training and ongoing case consultation to treat children with bipolar disorder. We know that early intervention greatly improves outcomes. For example, by understanding the elements of Family-Focused Therapy, kids who have bipolar can avoid ever having a full-blown manic episode, which greatly changes the trajectory of their illness and their lives.
One of the most important things that the Center sponsors is their community programs. Expert providers offer free community trainings to schools, businesses, private events, etc. on topics such as Mental Health 101, Suicide Prevention, Managing Anxiety, Mindfulness and Stress Management. These educational programs are the closest thing we have to an immunization for mental illness. If people can be educated, the stigma around mental illness will be lessened, which ultimately leads people to get help when they need it, rather than waiting until they have a full-blown mental health crisis that results in hospitalization or a suicide attempt.  Education teaches people how to recognize and intervene in a suicidal crisis. The bottom line is early intervention means improved outcomes (fewer hospitalization, less medication, quicker response to treatment and decreased recurrence). In many cases, participants report that they were able to help someone get help, teachers recognize kids who were struggling and interceded before anything serious happened, and school-aged kids are more accepting of and compassionate towards others who struggle with mental health issues. These programs are provided for free because the goal is to eliminate cost as a barrier to information. It is in this way that philanthropy can play a meaningful role. 
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Apr 30, 2019

Atelier Interior Design Exhibits Their Global View At Defining Design

The 4th Annual Defining Design event will take place on Thursday, May 9, from 5 - 8 pm. Atelier Interior Design, a full-service, luxury interior design firm is one of  the six design firms participating. Their eclectic style is informed by global and cultural inspiration. Nestled in the heart of Denver's Golden Triangle district and just one block from the Denver Art Museum, Atelier Interior Design "shines through the beige to bring Colorado natives a global and colorful twist to home design." 

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