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Nov 8, 2018

The Perfect Bed: Coverlets

All the elements that comprise making The Perfect Bed contribute to the look and feel of your bedroom design. First, there is the foundation and bed frame to set the stage for the design. Next comes the mattress and mattress pad which are without a doubt the most important components for making a luxuriously comfortable bed. Add to that, 100% white goose down comforters and pillows to create just the right cloud-like feeling and select sheets and pillowcases that resonate with your tactile sensibilities. Sleeping is so important for health and wellness, especially given our busy schedules and lives, there is no question that bed design is an investment worth its price.

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Oct 8, 2018

Under the Spell of Celso de Lemos

Celso de Lemos introduced his eponymously named sheet and bedding collection in 2017 after exhaustive research and development. Mr. de Lemos is also the mastermind behind the famously rich colors and inspirational designs of Abyss & Habidecor towels and rugs. Celso seeks perfection in all things that he undertakes so it is no wonder that his factories are designed to do everything under one roof from spinning the Giza cotton, to weaving it into fabric, then dying, printing and finishing each sheet, towel, pillow case, coverlet and throw. Several of our staff have had the supreme opportunity of visiting his factories in Portugal, as well as his home and his winery nearby. In fact, owners of The Brass Bed, Molly Myers and Olivia Louis, are there now. Those of you who follow us on social media have no doubt been enjoying images of everything from the artistry of the weaving machines in motion to the fall wine crush. 

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Aug 4, 2018

Expert Guide To Decorating With Print Fabrics & Textiles

Stuck by a bedroom design from Nathalie Farman-Farma that we saw online, led us to her "Expert Guide to Decorating with Prints." Lovers of textiles ourselves, we thought we would share her top 5 tips for decorating with print and vintage fabrics and textiles:

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May 25, 2018

Susan Hall Combines Exotic Prints and Soft Fabrics For Bed Design

In case you missed our Defining Design event earlier this month, we thought you would like to see the actual bed designs that the interior designers installed this year and to know more about what inspired them.

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May 9, 2018

Susan Hall Creates Whimsy at Defining Design

Many of us who love design have a very active Pinterest account. We see things all the time that excite and entice us; images that we love and wish for ourselves. The problem for most of us is that we aren't quite sure what, how, and when to implement. This is where Susan Hall, of Buttercup Home Custom Interiors, comes in. She actually uses Pinterest as a design and communication tool with her clients, making for a very interactive experience.

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May 9, 2018

Sean Hughes Tells Mandil Inc.'s Story At Defining Design

For more than three decades, Mandil Inc. has been telling client's unique stories. Whether a home builder or owner, marketer or architect, the Mandil approach is to blend architecture, color, branding and interior design to tell a consistent story. Eric Mandil's passion for creating notorious and beautiful spaces carries through to everyone working with the firm.  Sean Hughes is a Senior Interior Designer at the firm and has worked with The Brass Bed on a number of occasions, and there is definitely a theme running through all of his projects. We would call it "artful". 

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May 8, 2018

Karyn McGowan Layers Elegant Textiles At Defining Design

Karyn McGowan has been creating award winning interiors for 25 years. She cut her teeth working for two nationally recognized firms before starting her own business, KPM Design, in 1998. KPM strives to create interior designs that are timeless by implementing modern materials on to classic forms. Whether the style of the home is traditional, contemporary, or eclectic, Karyn combines beauty and function to meet the needs and expectations of her clients and their lifestyle.

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Apr 30, 2018

Margaret Selzer of River + Lime Makes The Perfect Bed

Margaret Selzer has created literally hundreds of bed designs though her business, RIVER + LIME. The firm focuses on hospitality and residential projects located in resort communities across the country. From glamping yurts to Montana lodges, Margaret is an integral part of the project team that designs and creates these multi-unit vacation experiences.

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Apr 27, 2018

Defining Design With Knape & Zibell

Mary Knape & Kelly Zibell, principals of Knape & Zibell (KZID), are inspired by transitional concepts to set the stage for the spaces they create. For these two creatives, their art is revealed through layering traditional design elements with the unexpected and bold. The results are rooms and homes that are accommodating and reflect the personalities of their clients. "Curating interesting items that are collected just for or just by the client elevates the results - turning the ordinary into something extraordinary," said Mary Knape.

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